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ADSL1 Services to Australia

Nete-Quette have partnered with exetel and can now provide ADSL1 services in every State and Territory of Australia wherever there is an ADSL enabled Telstra exchange using the services of ourpartners infrastructure. Currently Telstra state that there are over 2,400 exchanges equipped with ADSL1 capabilities in Australia making this service available to over 90% of Australian homes and businesses.Our plans plans range from $30.00 a month to $95.00 a month and with line speed of 256kbps to 8,192kbps. For full details of all current ADSL1 plans please click here.

We will be continually working closely with broadband providers to ensure we can offer the best service at the best price for all of our customers both business and residential.

We believe in a few simple rules for broadband. Why not talk to us to find out just how well your broadband ranks?

Nete-Quette believes in having no 500MB download limits because anything less than 1GB a month is insulting to any internet user.
No download speed limitations, and no exorbitant excess download fees.
We have no hidden contracts that trick you into a 12 or 24 Month plan. Our broadband contracts are for 3 months.
Nete-Quette has no port blocking in operation which means you are free to use your own mail servers, and run your own servers if you dont want to take advantage of our competative hosting plans.

256/64 from $40 per month
1500/256 from $50 per month
8192/384 from $65 per month

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