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If Your Computer Crashed What Would You Lose?

Today’s computers are constantly under security threats and with unpredictable weather we are seeing many computers in our workshops that need to have all their software reloaded onto them. What this means is that we need to remove all the software on the computer including the operating system (windows) and return the hard drive to its blank original state. We then reload Windows and all the other software that the user has installed.

In some cases we actually have to replace the hard drive with a new one. In almost all cases these repairs have in common is the fact that most people store files they don’t want to be without on the computer so we also need to perform data recovery for them. With our knowledge and the help of some sophisticated software we often are able to do just that however in some cases we sometimes need to outsource to a data recovery lab. This is quite expensive with bills ranging from $800 to $2000 to recover your precious photos and letters.90% of people do not backup and a further 5% use unsuitable disks to perform the backup. That’s 90% who do not backup all the photos and information they wish to keep safe.

In our opinion an external hard drive is the most economical choice to back up all your important files to. It is important that the drive then be disconnected and stored safely away to protect from power surges, damage or theft. We do not recommend using usb thumb drives as they are easily broken, lost or wiped. USB thumb drives are for temporary storage only, i.e. moving files from one location to another and should never contain the only copy of your data.

Some backup software for home that’s easy to use are explained below follow the links and try them yourself.

Genie Backup Manager Home offers an ideal solution for most home users that are looking for a simple and yet friendly and easy way to backup personal data to a safe location such as an external hard drive and be able to retrieve them easily and safely. Free Trial Version

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