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WebSite Planning

Tips to help you have a successful website

First Consider the Pre-Planning Steps

Want to develop a successful Web site? Before you start, have you considerd your audience? Who are your audience and what is it they want? the site's purpose,what is the website for? how will you develop your content, and how will organise your website to make it easy to use for your target audience?

The Websites Audience

Building a successful Web site involves defining your target audience. Defining the target audience is an important first step in the website planning process. Your websites target audience is the group of people that you anticipate to visit the website in order to achieve the websites objectives, solve problems or get answers. The following few questions can help you to define your target audience:

  • What is the purpose and goal of my website?
  • What do your visitors want to know, what is it they have come looking for?
  • What benefits could some of the website visitors be looking for?
  • What is it that visitors to my website want to do?
  • How do I want my visitors feel when visiting my website?

Think about the content you are going to offer on your website and who is most likely to need or use the content offered.Write down the characteristics of these users in terms common to your operations. The resulting list of website visitor profiles may be quite diverse and require you to consolidate users into groupings with similar characteristics or interests. Also, you need to consider that these groups may need to be consolidated in relation to their objectives at the site, thinking in terms of the content they want and how you may organise it. This process works "hand in hand" with the process of Content Assessment and Organisation.

Note: if you have determined that an individual will need content offered by your website on a frequently recurring basis, you may want to consider making a portal application to facilitate this need.

Remember, each group comes to your site with unique expectationsand needs. Consider the following characteristics for each target audience group:

* Audience Characteristics (profession, age, gender, needs, etc.)
* Information Preferences (what information the users want first, second, etc.)
* Platform Specifications (hardware, browser, screen resolution, modem speed, etc.)
* Range of Abilities (vision, hearing, web experience, etc.)
* Environmental Challenges (poor lighting, noise, etc.)

Using the characteristics of your target audience groups you can develop a Web site that will effectively deliver desired content to your intended audiences.

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