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How Much Spyware Does Your PC Have?

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Is your computer running slow? Is it no longer fun to be on the internet because of slow page loads? Do you have to walk away while the computer starts up?

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Your computer could be one of the thousands infected with spyware!

The Problem
Many of the customers who come to me with a computer problem are unaware of spyware. Spyware Ranges from irritating adware and popups to much more intrusive and destructive forms of backdoors, exploits and downloaders, that can evesdrop on your your internet activities, and generally slow down your computers performance, spyware is a growing problem. Even with the latest anti-spyware protection, 88% of new scans uncover a new malware detection — after just 24 hours! With new threats emerging daily, the bad news is that they’re here to stay and nobody is immune!

Maybe A Solution
As the spyware becomes more sophisticated, you need the latest and most sophisticated tools to protect your system and the privacy of the information on your computer. This free SpyEraser combines the latest technologies with pro-active online scanning to ensure the best possible protection so you can enjoy peace of mind while using your computer for what you like doing best, surfing the internet!

This SpyEraser updates daily and will keep your system clean, avoid the risk of system crashes and — most importantly — stay malware free and keep your computer running without the irratating pop ups and other nasties that slow the system down.

FREE Spyware Scan!

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