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Choosing the right domain name

The right domain name plays a very important role in total search engine optimisation of your web site. A few years ago not much thought went into selecting a domain name as long as it sounded good, but now SEO tips and tricks have proven the importance of the right domain name. SEO experts have found that Google is able to find the different keywords in domain name and thus push up the site in search engine rankings.

When a site is developed, first find out the main theme of the site and then try to find out the most important keywords of the site. These keywords should be used in the domain name.

For Example :
if the site concept is dating then you should look for different keywords related to dating and try for such a domain name so that dating word will come in the domain name some examples would be:

Though putting keywords in domain name is important, there are some important tips to choose the right domain name :-

  1. Domain name should be short,easy to remember and to spell
    Domain names can be of any length up to 67 characters. But a domain name should be short so that it can be easy to remember. Also a domain name should be easy to spell so that if a user has only heard of such a name or web site it can easily be spelt and found.
  2. Choose the right extension
    Many users get confused about which suffix to choose from .com, .org, .net, etc. If the site is business related then you should generally try to choose the .com suffix. .com is the most common extension used and most people will try the .com extension before trying the others. Choose the country specific .com extension if you want to be identified as conducting business in that country. For example if you are Australian based.
  3. Characters allowed when selecting your domain name
    Domain names may contain letters, numbers and hyphens .Spaces and other special characters are not allowed and so, by using hyphens you can add all important keywords in the domain name.
  4. Register more than one domain name
    Sometimes its better to register more than one domain name. You can register the same domain name with different extension, for example, and

It is very important to choose a good domain name for your online business site so that you can more easily achieve higher search engine rankings in your field and it reflects the product or service you and your business offers.

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