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Secure a Wireless Connection

Did you know that Wireless networks can be even less secure than wired networks. Why? It's because anyone who has the most basic kinds of wireless network equipment at his or her disposal can tap into virtually any wireless network within range.

Even if you have little or no technical knowledge, you can secure your wireless network in very little time with these 5 basic tips below:

  1. Secure your access point and web based administration interface: The default passwords of most standard devices are already known to most hackers, even if not known a simple search with google or another search engine will reveal the default password of your access point. So, when you set up your router through the web interface, change the default password and write it down somewhere safe. If like myself you find it dificult to remember passwords then have a look at ROBOFORM
  2. Stop broadcasting your SSID: Your wireless router continuously transmits your SSID (Service Set Identifier). While this is useful in an office where many people are going to connect to the office network, at home this is certainly not needed. Turn SSID transmission off as soon as you can. Wireless LAN "sniffers" will still be able to detect your network, but other than that, your network will mostly be shrouded from outsiders who may stumble upon it.
  3. Use MAC address filtering: Turn on MAC address filtering on your wireless router configuration administration utility. By doing so, you can add the MAC addresses of all of your home networking devices to the address pool of the router. This way, no one outside your home network will be able to access your home network.
  4. Reduce the power of transmission: Reduce the power of your wireless transmitter to such a degree that the signal does not reach outside your home. This will keep most outsiders at bay but may prevent you sitting in the garden and connecting to your home network.
  5. Disable the remote administration tool: Your remote administration utility is seldom used. So, keeping it on exposes your network to outsiders. Turn it off for enhance your network security.
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